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 Healthcare Information Technology Consulting, Contract, Direct Placement Services with Third Party Software


The roots of Henry Elliott & Company, Inc’s National IT placement services are based on the specialization with healthcare information technologies and M/MUMPS Caché software.

Our provisionary services include candidates experienced with Caché, M (MUMPS), Ensemble and HealthShare for the healthcare information technology industry. Our professionals expand their skill set through experience working with third party software. To name a few, our candidates have training working with VA VistA, EPIC, GE (IDX), Antrim/Sunquest, Department of Defense & Composite Health Care System (CHCS), and IHS, RPMS Indian Health Services, M/Caché based.

Whether your company falls in the healthcare industry or not, our professionals can meet your IT needs. Our candidates bring knowledge within a wide range of applications, development languages, database software and tools to fit your requirements. Learn how you can find your IT Professional or IT Job Opportunity with Henry Elliott & Company.

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Hot Technology reflects technology that our clients are looking for on a contract / consulting or direct hire employment basis.

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