HealthShare is a standards-based, service-oriented platform that enables the rapid development of connectable applications and services, as well as new functionality and interoperability among your existing offerings.

Some of InterSystems' application Partners have developed their solutions from the ground up based on HealthShare. Others use the technologies to provide a connectable, interoperable, scalable, and secure platform as the server-side backbone of applications built in .net, Java, and other front-end languages. And still others use HealthShare to complement existing applications with connectivity, interoperability, workflow, rules-based business processes, and advanced analytics through a service-oriented architecture.

Here are just some of the challenges HealthShare can help a client address:

  • Provide connectivity among financial, operational, and clinical applications across the entire healthcare delivery system.
  • Stay up-to-date on international and national healthcare industry standards and profiles for clinical and administrative data exchange.
  • Enhance and update workflow in your applications as customer needs change.
  • Integrate with other systems to enable the secure, relevant sharing of health records among stakeholders.
  • Provide analytics and dashboards that aggregate and present relevant data from disparate sources (such as patient history) to decision-makers in real time, in near real time, or just in time (for analytics).
  • Gain a solid technology platform for evolution and growth in the healthcare market, ensuring that your solution can cost-effectively address smaller customers' needs while also delivering unmatched performance in the world's largest healthcare organizations and networks.

InterSystems HealthShare

The healthcare software market offers exciting and significant growth opportunities. Yet, while some healthcare software companies enjoy incredible growth, others under-perform, languish, or even fail. There are many criteria for success in this market, but two are particularly critical:

  • Breakthrough solutions. In every part of the world, healthcare buyers are demanding broad and deep new capabilities that eliminate cumbersome processes, deliver breakthrough results, and advance the missions of their organizations.
  • Connected care capabilities. The future of healthcare depends on seamless interoperability, both within the organization and with the broader healthcare community. Buyers are increasingly demanding connected care solutions across a multitude of evolving industry standards.

InterSystems HealthShare provides the perfect platform to build new healthcare applications or to add breakthrough capabilities, services, and connected care solutions to existing applications. Using HealthShare, developers can quickly achieve high-impact benefits:

  • Streamline development and accelerate time to market. Bundled standards and profiles help dramatically reduce the effort required to build and maintain a multitude of connected care interfaces, and free you to focus on developing high-value-add capabilities in your solution.
  • Quickly add breakthrough value and compelling differentiation. Rapidly add the breakthrough capabilities most sought-after by today's healthcare organizations, including embedded real-time analytics; advanced processing of unstructured data such as text and signals; and connectivity among clinical, operational, and financial applications.
  • Appeal to the broadest markets. InterSystems technology powers more than 50% of U.S. healthcare, including nearly all of the largest and most prestigious providers. our partners offer a wide array of solutions that help customers organize, deliver, and pay for healthcare across the globe. Solutions based on InterSystems technology are widely deployed and easily connect to other applications already in your customers' organizations. A distinguishing characteristic of InterSystems technology is unmatched scalability, ranging from cost-effective solutions at smaller organizations to the most massive and complex healthcare solutions in the world.

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